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Issue #61 July/August 2015

Warbird Digest #59 May-June 2015

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Cover Caption: In 2002 Jim Cavanaugh purchased FG-1D Corsair BuNo 92399 and added it to the impressive collection at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, TX. It enjoyed a brief period of flight operations before mechanical issues effectively grounded it for a decade. While it was down awaiting a new engine, the museum took the opportunity to repaint the Corsair to honor Colonel Archie Donahue, a mentor and friend to Museum Director Doug Jeanes. Photographer Scott Slocum was on hand to capture stunning photographs of its return to flight with Stuart Milson at the controls.
Photo: Scott Slocum; photo pilot, Trey Carroll

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The Flying Finn  by Bjorn HelleniusCavanaugh Corsair
by Rob Mears

It has been 57 years since Goodyear FG-1D Corsair BuNo. 92399 first beat the staggering odds of becoming just another tired old fighter fallen victim to the scrap heap. Lost among the countless rows of equally forlorn siblings, at a time when the mocking scream of jet engines passing overhead was sounding the death knell for the piston-engine workhorses of old. This is the story of how one such aircraft survived more than a few scrapes with fate to become the shining jewel of one of North America's premier flying museums.


Arsenal of Democracy - World War II Victory Capitol Flyover
Stephen Chapis

IN 1940, President Roosevelt used the slogan "arsenal of democracy" to rally the American people and the nation's immense industrial might to supply the weapons needed to fight Nazi aggression. On May 8, 2015, the 70th Anniversary of VE Day, warbird owners and organizations converged on the Nation's Capitol for what may be the final grand salute to the Greatest Generation.


Jenny Transcendence
by Stephen Chapis

In May 2013, the NEWS that Gerald Yagen decided to sell several aircraft in the Military Aviation Museum (MAM) collection lead to speculation that the museum was closing its doors. A quick climate change revealed a stable and thriving organization that has allowed Yagen to acquire new aircraft, including a rare 1918 Curtiss JN-4D Jenny. In October 2014, Warbird Digest flew with this classic biplane and spoke to MAM Chief Pilot Mike Spalding about flying the nearly 100-year-old Jenny.

Special Resource Section - Topic: Restoration Facilities and Aviation Parts Companies, Introduction by Greg Morehead

Shark Mouth Mustang - Ex-RCAF Movie Star Given New Lease as RAF 112 Sqn. Predator
by Richard Paver

ONE OF THE MOST unique P-51 Mustangs flying today boasts a bold, historically accurate paint scheme featuring a shark's mouth. This particular Mustang was built at North American Aviation's Inglewood factory and delivered to the USAAF in July 1945. It is believed this aircraft spent most of service life in various training units in the USA and was then transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in January 1951. It was coded 9279 with the RCAF and served with 403 "City of Calgary" Squadron (Sqn.) until April 1959 when it was retired.

Flying the Fortress

Warbirds On Paper
by Ann-Marie Loos

Sir Max Hastings, famed British journalist and military historian served as a foreign correspondent for the Evening Standard and as editor-in-chief of the Daily Telegraph. Currently, he reviews books for the New York Review of Books, and the Sunday Times as well as a regular contributor to the Daily Mail and the Financial Times. A bestselling author of numerous history books on World War II, the Korean War, and the Falkland Islands, Max he currently resides with his wife Penny in West Berkshire in the UK.

Warbirds on Paper by Ann-Marie Loos

Reel Stuff

by Ron Kaplan


I've been a student of aviation history since childhood, but admittedly with the accent on World War II. Still, I like to believe my knowledge of early powered flight is fairly robust. So when I sat down to screen the one-hour documentary, The Jenny: Legends of the Sky!, I assumed I was in for a rote treatment on the iconic Curtiss JN4. Everyone knows what a "Jenny" is, right? After all, that's what makes it iconic.







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